Machine Voice - Drum & Bass and Break Beat music

Label aimed at the implementation of quality music of the genre Drum & Bass and Break Beat. One of the main goals of the label is the promotion of musicians and their creativity.
The music produced by the label can appeal not only to fans of Drum & Bass and Break Beat, but also to DJs who can use it for their professional purposes.
What makes you different from another label?
Concept / idea of label:

- The selection of music occur in strict mode and in manual mode / individually;
- Only high-quality music (solid sound, good stereo, good rhythm and track idea);
- Only Drum & Bass, Break Beat releases;
- Only original Drum & Bass, Break Beat music;
- Promotion of our musicians, also promotion through our Internet radio, we broadcast the tracks of our released musicians;
- Video distribution;
- All stores of the world.


music</br> distribution


for musicians
music</br> promotion


for musicians


full list of partners you can see here

If you are a musician and meet the requirements, then write to us (on English only) and leave a link of your demo.
*And do not forget to write your biography.

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