The best way to bring your music to the audience is to contact the label for distribution and promotion of your musical creativity.

Your music must meet some criteria that are inherent in the label:

- Only high-quality music (solid sound, good stereo, good rhythm and track idea).
- Only Drum & Bass, Break Beat.
- Only original Drum & Bass, Break Beat.


requirements for a musician

  • - Experience creating music genre Drum & Bass, Break Beat at least 2 years.
  • - Only author music! If in your tracks are used ready-made loop's, a sample's and sound's that do not belong to you by right , then such tracks are not accepting!
requirements for music
*who is already working with us

  • - The audio file/s should be Wav format 44.100 Hz / 16 bit / stereo
  • - Check the audio level. Normalize the audio file/s, make it loud, but without overloading (-0.30 db is recommended).
  • - Check the name of the audio file/s, the name should not contain characters: & $% # @! & *


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